Causes of AcneThe Fix
Smartphone use that spreads bacteriaClean your phone
Excess oil production, Skipping a toner and/or not using a moisturizerKeep face clean. Your skin needs to stay hydrated. Use a toner and moisturize
Hormonal imbalance and hair follicles clogged with oil and dead skin cellsImprove your diet and exfoliate skin weekly
Stress and Lack of sleepManage stress and Get enough shut-eye
Too much coffee, which throws off skin’s pHDrink less coffee and more water
Poor dietEat healthier foods and get a balanced diet
Changing beauty products frequentlyUse a product for at least 3 weeks, before changing products
Using thick foundation which clogs poresUse lightweight foundation, cleanse skin often and exfoliate weekly

There are a lot of other factors that trigger or worsen acne. Here’s how you can deal with acne and get better skin.

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