Living with Cancer: PatientLiving with Cancer: Carer
People cope with cancer just like they cope with other problems in life – each person does it in their own way. With time, people find ways to live life to the fullest.There are many ways to care for the patient. One is by taking one step at a time, together.
Learn as much as you can about your cancer, diagnosis and treatment options, this may give you a sense of control over what’s happening.Inform the patient about their cancer and the treatment and encourage them all through.
Discuss with carer things you enjoy the most and make out time daily to tick them off your checklist.Sometimes, Let the patient take the lead. Be a good listener. Maintain eye contact. Be supportive and encourage the patient to open up while finding new and better ways to communicate
Try to reach out to others. Having friends or family around can help you feel less alone. They are there to share your fears, hopes and triumphs every step of the way.Reach out to Patient’s family and friends if they are looking forward to having some loved ones around. If they can’t visit, encourage them to rite, email or call
Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t. Expressing how you feel can help you feel more in control rather than overwhelmed by your emotions. It also frees up energy for all the other things you need to handle.Try to be okay with silence. Talking because you’re nervous or feel the silence is awkward is not professional. Silence allows the patient to focus and gives them time to express their thoughts and feelings better.
Do not hold back on saying how you feel or what you want. Your carer is there to provide companionship.Be observant and listen attentively to what the patient ever has to say and take note of their needs accurately.
Find new things you can be interested in and the best ways to make the days count without counting the days.Showing genuine care and compassion are ways of encouraging the patient to stop counting the days and make them look forward to tomorrow.

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