Heard of workstation ergonomics? It’s the science of adjusting job conditions, equipment and tasks to match the body’s natural ways of functioning. The fit between people and their work. Stay fit at work

Physical, Environmental, Workstation Design and Personal factors affect workstation ergonomics like:

Choosing and positioning equipments for your workstation correctly, like Visual Display Unit, Seat, Work surface, Mouse, Keyboard, Accessories, Documents being used and Lighting in the room, improve efficiency, comfort and reduce health problems.

Taking breaks from your computer screen allow your eyes refocus. Also make physical adjustments to your workspace for efficiency.

Imbibing good sitting posture, how you position your limbs and support your back receives improves the effectiveness of your work.

Reducing noise and improving concentration, natural lighting, temperature of room or equipments and ventilation, influence the working environment ergonomic factors. Sound levels should always be at comfortable levels and should not be a distraction.

If you spend a lot of time at workstations and discover discomfort, aches or pains, have a poor posture, inadequate back support, an unsuitable chair that’s non-adjustable, sitting in the same position for too long, you can develop Repetitive Strain Injury, which leads to numbness in hand, swelling & stiffness in joints, pain in wrists, forearms, elbows, neck and back, that may last for days or weeks, and reduced range of motion in the shoulder, neck, or back, and Cramping.

How to prevent MSDs and minimize risks? take regular breaks, alternate tasks, do stretching exercises while working or during your breaks, use height adjustable chairs and desks, that have adequate space, use ergonomic equipments, design and use a correct workstation setup, and use keyboard shortcuts, most especially for common tasks, a rest or recreation room gives people time to rest, relax and encourages leisure activities. Good ergonomics reduces injury and illness, staff turnover rates, absenteeism, fatigue, and improved health, safety and morale.

Stay fit, improve your well-being and foster a productive work environment!

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